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About the author


My name is Nataliia, I originally come from Odesa, Ukraine.

I started my software development journey in 2015. Throughout my career, I had a chance to work with diverse technologies, but my biggest passion has always been Java & JVM.

Outside my regular work, I enjoy digging into the lower level concepts and diving into how things work under the hood. That brought me to building couple of fun projects, such as a toy programming language on JVM, or a debugger for the JVM bytecode. I also enjoy playing with cool open source projects, such as GraalVM substratevm (the native image generator), which taught me a lot of cool things.

In summary, most of my insights come from playing with things and digging (at times too deep) into the docs.

Sometimes I talk at the Java User Groups and conferences about fun things that I learn. But mostly I like to write about it, that’s why this blog exists.

If you’re curious, here you can find some of my talks and some of my other work, such as a Java magazine article or a method handle tutorial.

Hope you find this blog educative and fun!