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About the author


My name is Nataliia, I originally come from Odesa, Ukraine.

I started my software development journey in 2015. Throughout my career, I had a chance to work with diverse technologies, but my biggest passion has always been Java & JVM.

Outside my regular work, I enjoy digging into the lower level concepts and diving into how things work under the hood. That brought me to building couple of fun projects, such as a toy programming language on JVM, or a debugger for the JVM bytecode. I’m also quite excited about GraalVM, so I worked on a contribution for native image and learned a lot during the process.

Sometimes, I talk at the Java User Groups and conferences about fun things that I learn. But mostly I like to write about it, that’s why this blog exists.

If you’re curious, here you can find some of my talks and some of my other work.

Hope you find this blog educative and fun!